Basement Repair in Appleton, WI

Here is a sinking foundation we lifted and stabilized in Appleton WI.

Steel pier tubes are pushed down to bedrock or dense soils. Then heavy duty steel brackets are attached to the pier tubes and the footing of the walls. This allows us to raise and stabilize the home.

Signs of settlement can be cracks in the drywall, floors out of level, doors and windows pinching.

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Foundation Repair in Appleton WI

This is a project we just completed in Appleton. There was a basement wall bowing in from the pressure of the soil so we installed five Grip Tite wall anchors to secure and stabilize it. The great part about this system is that it also has the capability to straighten the foundation wall. This was a quick one day install and now the customer has a 25-year guarantee that the wall is 100% stable.

Foundation Repair – Anchor System in Appleton, WI

Here’s a project we just completed in Appleton. We stabilized the back wall with our Wall Anchor system. On the side wall, we excavated and straightened the wall with our Jack back system then stabilized the wall with steel beams. Next we waterproofed the wall and back filled it with clear stone to prevent future problems. Finally we regraded the wall with topsoil to pitch away from the home. Another happy customer!

Basement Repair in Appleton, WI

A common sign with settling homes or buildings is doors and windows pinching or not latching, cracks in drywall and unlevel floors. Choosing the correct fix for this problem is critical. Temporary patching and insufficient support systems are most often a waist of time and money. If not supported properly windows will start to pinch again, doors will become misaligned and cracks will open back up. The best solution for this problem is Grip Tite Push Piers. Heavy Duty 3″ round steel is pushed with hydraulic pumps down to load bearing soils or most often underground bedrock. Heavy Duty steel brackets are then attached from the concrete footings to the steel driven deep into the soil. Hydraulic jacks are then used to push down on the steel posts and raise the footings of the home. Which, in turn, raises the foundation of the home and in most cases the whole home itself can be raised. After the home is raised it is then locked in place. With homes that have been remodeled lifting is not always the best option. Many homes are just stabilized from settling any further. This method is the only way to get past the real problem; which is the unstable soils under and around the foundation of your home.

Basement Repair in Appleton WI

Attached are some pictures of a Water Control system we installed in Appleton WI. These customers got a dry basement for the holidays.