Basement Repair in Fond Du Lac WI

At this home is Fond Du Lac, we excavated 4 walls of this foundation. The walls were bowing in due to the pressure of the expansive clay soils, so we mainly stabilized the walls with adjustable support beams. We also used Grip Tite wall anchors in some areas of the project. We straightened the walls with our Jack Back system and the exterior of the walls were sealed with Mel Rol which is a 60 Mil Rubber liner. After the Mel Rol is installed the foundation is then wrapped with another water proofing material, DXM foundation wrap, Which is plastic dimple board system. New 4″ drain tile is installed along the footing and tied properly into our new sealed sump pump system. After the walls are waterproofed and stabilized they are back filled 80% up to grade with 3/4″ clear stone and topsoil is installed and raised to have a positive pitch from the foundation.