Basement Repair, Push Piers near Waupaca, WI

Here we installed 8 Grip Tite Push Piers to stop this foundation from settling or sinking further. 3″ steel piers are pushed deep into the earth until a load bearing soil or bedrock is reached.

Crawlspace moisture barrier and encapsulation in Waupaca, WI

In this home they were experiencing high humidity and strong musty smells or odors coming from the crawlspace area. First step is remove all debris and organic matter, next we level the floor as best as possible. Then we lay down a plastic dimple board system and over the plastic barrier we install the Silverback Encapsulation system. Silverback is a 20 Mil Thick liner infused with anti microbial’s which resist any types of growth on the liner system as well as being reinforced with high strength polymers for strong tear resistant material, it covers the entire surface area as well as the foundation walls. It is then sealed to the foundation walls to ensure no water seepage on top of the liner system. Insulation options are available also and we normally recommend Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to control the environment after it is encapsulated.