Basement Repair in Wausau, WI

Here’s a project we completed last week. The customer needed two walls excavated and straightened. We also waterproofed them from the exterior and installed new drain tile, we then back filled with crushed stone to relieve the pressure on the foundation walls and provide good drainage. The walls were stabilized with steel beams to guarantee the problem does not return. Now they’ve got a dry basement and the walls are straightened and secure.

Foundation Repair – Anchor System near Wausau, WI

At this project we excavated the back wall of this home and straightened the wall with our wall anchor system. We then sealed the exterior with a rubber liner system and covered that with plastic wrap for extra protection. We installed new 4″ drain tile, back filled the wall with clear stone and graded the wall to pitch away from the home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Repair near Wausau WI

Crawl Space Repair at it’s best. Complete clean out of the work area. The soil is then raked as level as possible. As seen in the pictures there is a plastic dimple board installed over the dirt floor. Next is the new 20 mil. Reinforced liner. It’s installed across the floor and sealed up to the top of the foundation wall. The liner helps with smells, humidity and also helps protect your family from allergens that lurk in crawlspace areas. We are proud of our jobs when they are done. And you will be proud of your crawlspace when we are done.