Adjustable Beams and Egress Window in Menasha, WI

At this project we excavated the back wall, straightened the wall 5″, and installed Adjustable Support Beams to guarantee the problem doesn’t happen again. The wall is sealed with our Exterior Water Control System and back filled properly. We also installed an Egress Window System so the customer can add a new bedroom.

Egress Window Installation in Stevens Point, WI

At this customer’s house we installed an egress window system now her daughter has a brand new bedroom in the basement. The family was extremely excited about how much light the window lets in and how much bigger it makes the room feel.

Egress Window Installation in Shawano, WI

Egress windows are typically a one day installation. Now your basement is ready to be a finished area or to have a legal bedroom. Call today and set up your window installation.

Egress Window Installation in Oshkosh, WI

At this project we installed a complete egress window system and installed a 48″x 48″ sliding style window. We used a Rockwell for the well system with the heavy duty cover that does not fade from sunlight or crush under heavy snow loads. This basement now has a safe and legal bedroom, which also adds value to the home.

Winter Project in Ripon, WI

BIG WINTER PROJECT! At this home we installed a full perimeter water control system. Including a waterproof barrier on the walls to ensure complete protection of the finished walls that are going to be installed soon. We installed a total of 5 Egress windows for future bedrooms and living room areas. A big project we are proud of!