Wall Repair With Excavation in Neenah, WI

Here is a foundation repair we did in Neenah. On this job we used the Grip-Tite® Anchor System as well as our Beam System to stabilize the wall. The client also had a leaking block wall on one side due to cracks that required excavation with subsequent Exterior Waterproofing.

Adjustable Beams With Anchors in Neenah, WI

This client’s home had two bowing basement walls that needed repair after a home inspection. We came in and added seven Adjustable Beams and five Wall Anchors to stabilize the cinder block walls. Project was done in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Foundation Repair in Appleton WI

This is a project we just completed in Appleton. There was a basement wall bowing in from the pressure of the soil so we installed five Grip Tite wall anchors to secure and stabilize it. The great part about this system is that it also has the capability to straighten the foundation wall. This was a quick one day install and now the customer has a 25-year guarantee that the wall is 100% stable.

Leaking basement in Hortonville, WI.

Do you have a leaky or wet basement? Or a cracked or failing foundation? We have products and engineered systems to fix them. This project we installed a water control system with a walling system called Silverback Wall liner. With this system the customer is now ready to finish the basement knowing the walls and floor are going to be dry. We also installed seven Grip Tite wall anchors to guarantee the wall is stabile from future movement.