Adjustable Beams With Anchors in Neenah, WI

This client’s home had two bowing basement walls that needed repair after a home inspection. We came in and added seven Adjustable Beams and five Wall Anchors to stabilize the cinder block walls. Project was done in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Adjustable Beams and Egress Window in Menasha, WI

At this project we excavated the back wall, straightened the wall 5″, and installed Adjustable Support Beams to guarantee the problem doesn’t happen again. The wall is sealed with our Exterior Water Control System and back filled properly. We also installed an Egress Window System so the customer can add a new bedroom.

Basement Repair in Appleton, WI

Here is a sinking foundation we lifted and stabilized in Appleton WI.

Steel pier tubes are pushed down to bedrock or dense soils. Then heavy duty steel brackets are attached to the pier tubes and the footing of the walls. This allows us to raise and stabilize the home.

Signs of settlement can be cracks in the drywall, floors out of level, doors and windows pinching.

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