Basement waterproofing in Green Bay, WI

These are a few pictures of an interior water control system. This customer also wanted our waterproof walling panels, which brightened up the basement and helps with humidity. A clean job with great results.

Leaky Basement with Cracked Walls in Oshkosh, WI

This basement had been leaking around the outside for sometime causing the walls to look old and stained. We installed an interior water control system and sealed the walls with a permanent moisture barrier called Silver Back wall liner. The Silver Back material is bright, reflective and extremely durable. With this project we also stabilized one wall using our adjustable beam system.

Leaking basement in Hortonville, WI.

Do you have a leaky or wet basement? Or a cracked or failing foundation? We have products and engineered systems to fix them. This project we installed a water control system with a walling system called Silverback Wall liner. With this system the customer is now ready to finish the basement knowing the walls and floor are going to be dry. We also installed seven Grip Tite wall anchors to guarantee the wall is stabile from future movement.

Leaky basement with cracked walls in Kaukauna WI

If you’re experiencing a wet basement or have a basement wall that is cracked or bowing, our interior water control system and adjustable wall supports may be the answer for your foundation problems. If your walls are in the beginning stages of movement, our adjustable wall supports can be installed on the proper centers and guarantee that the wall will not come in any further. They also offer the opportunity to straighten the walls during dry periods.

Basement Repair in Appleton WI

Attached are some pictures of a Water Control system we installed in Appleton WI. These customers got a dry basement for the holidays.